Cure! You Menace by Mohid Bin Abid

In captivity of the cure,
He laid dormant for days,
Splendid was he on his feet,
He tries to paint upon his greys,
His spirits have him far from the edge,
He carved another line on the wall,
Waiting to break free but,
Patience and Temptation, it was a brawl!
Cling! Cling! Cling! And he gets up,
“Throw, just don’t jump” was bending the mandates drastically,
But the arced smile on his face was one not to uncurl,
Swirl and twirl,
But the smile has to go if your sorrow has to too,
Totter, and he limps,
Surrounded, sits in vain,
Gathers himself, primps,
Dormant once again

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