Celebrating Pride Month – We Need You!

This pride month, we want to showcase and celebrate the voices of as many LGBTQ+ writers as possible, and we want to hear from you! How can you get involved? If you identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and have any fiction, non-fiction or poetry to share with the world, please send them… Continue reading Celebrating Pride Month – We Need You!


Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor

Ceri's shoulders tensed and she sucked in a sudden breath as a harsh pitter-patter of hot rain hammered down on her back. There was no time to wait for the water to steady and reach an acceptable temperature, the school bus was to arrive in less than half an hour and Ceri had procrastinated through… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.4 by Heather Taylor


Cure! You Menace by Mohid Bin Abid

In captivity of the cure, He laid dormant for days, Splendid was he on his feet, He tries to paint upon his greys, His spirits have him far from the edge, He carved another line on the wall, Waiting to break free but, Patience and Temptation, it was a brawl! Cling! Cling! Cling! And he… Continue reading Cure! You Menace by Mohid Bin Abid


Biggest Fan, pt.2 by Heather Taylor

Glove-Truffle's Girl School was always horrendously chaotic on the first day back after the holidays. Giggling teenagers, teachers with lessons that seldom went to plan and dinner ladies with never enough of everyone's favourite sandwich filling made up the school's population. The canteen was swarmed by girls with backpacks the size of a camel's hump,… Continue reading Biggest Fan, pt.2 by Heather Taylor


Weekly Writing Prompt #14

'Forget' [Definition: fail to remember; inadvertently neglect to do, bring, or mention something; deliberately cease to think of.]   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid memory or… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #14


The Booker Prize Shortlist 2019

The Booker Prize is famous for showcasing excellent novels and sky-rocketing the careers of any authors listed. Celebrating fantastic novels published in the UK, this year's shortlist hosts a diverse and inclusive range of books, and one of which hasn't even be released! These are the most talked about books at the moment - will… Continue reading The Booker Prize Shortlist 2019


What are Genres and Tropes?

Genres are basically categories of writing, determined by the content of that writing. Books are written to fit in certain genres so readers and audiences can identify what they like, and continue to read books from that genre as they know they'll enjoy it. Here’s some of the most well-known fiction genres. Most books you… Continue reading What are Genres and Tropes?