Is that how it feels? by Maham Sohail

The water feels so cold,

Every drop sending chills down my spine.

Is that how rain feels?


The air fanned on my skin,

As I made a leap on my bed.

Is that how a bird feels?


The smell of fresh lilies,

called me in closer,

Tickling my nose with its delicacy.

Is that how a bee feels?


I swayed my hands,

To the rhythm of the wind.

Is that how the leaves feel?


Feeling the silk sheets,

I wanted to roll around them.

Is that how a cat feels?


Then you walked in,

And your strong scent engulfed me,

Before your arms did.

Is that what being in love feels?


You handed me blue cotton candy,

And it melted in my mouth.

Is that how clouds feel?


You brushed your fingers,

Softly in my hair.

The most delicate touch I’ve ever felt.

Is that how feathers feel?


But then you went past me,

And had my nuggets.

Is that how heart break feels?


I saw you munch on them one by one,

I felt something boiling through my veins.

Is that how anger feels?


I leaped at you but I missed you by an inch,

You quickly caught me in your arms.

Is that how being safe feels?

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Find more of her work at browngirlnarrative.home.blog

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