revision by Matthew Daley

sixty eyes stared
at my               stuttered fidgeting having
to Sonnet 18 but rather
laid on coiled carpet
living Love & Rockets
Ian MacKaye reminded me
my time is like water down a drain
but Ms. W- isn’t selling sympathy
as her words puncture
the silence:
we don’t memorise to remember,
me memorise to keep the past alive

Matthew Daley has written commercials, documentaries, graphic novels, and the recent collection The Poet’s Guide to Basketball. He has taught every level from 5th grade through Graduate School, always finding ways to sneak great poetry into his curriculum. He’s a father of three, husband of one, and a terrible singer/dancer who tries to turn many of his moments into a musical. His poetry can be found in 34th Parallel Magazine, Neologism, Detritus, The Cabinet of Heed, The Green Light, and The Caterpillar.

Visit his website www.matthewjdaley.com and follow him on Twitter @matthewjdaley

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