Prudent Lunacy by Nermeen Naveed

Who hurt you?

The bright sun or the harsh wind?

Was it the people around you,

Or the voices from within?


What hurt you?

The love you give or the love you take?

The companionship coming to you,

Or the vibes given off in your wake?


Who hurt you?

The dusk or the dawn?

Was it people refusing to talk about you,

Or your demons chasing them away from even talking to you?


What hurt you?

The depths of denial or the swamps of expectations?

Was it being driven to the point of giving up,

Or the bystanders still wanting to see how much more you can take?


Who hurt you?

The spaces of then or the distance of now?

The differences between you and me,

Or the difference between growing up and growing apart of thee?

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