Weekly Writing Prompt #14

'Forget' [Definition: fail to remember; inadvertently neglect to do, bring, or mention something; deliberately cease to think of.]   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid memory or… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #14


The Murderer by Ellie Fiander

Mary died on August 12th at 04:13am. I was there when her husband, John, found her later that morning after he returned home from a nightshift. John was devastated. He promised himself that he would catch the murderer, and when he did, he would make sure they paid for what they did to his wife.… Continue reading The Murderer by Ellie Fiander


Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke

A split second later, Paul not knowing where this sudden urge for commandership arose reached for John’s jacket attempting to retrieve his phone. John instinctively battered his arm away. Paul couldn’t help himself, like some sort of power surged through his body, an inner knowledge knowing he had to win this argument. He shoved John… Continue reading Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke


Biggest fan, pt. 1 by Heather Taylor

Ceridwen Hillam watched the blurred fields of flowers and wheat fly by, mesmerized by their gloriously bright colours. Stunning reds and yellows selflessly flung themselves at the passing cars; gentle shades of green and beige balanced the painting. Strips of shadows regularly dimmed her view every time they drove beneath a bridge or through a… Continue reading Biggest fan, pt. 1 by Heather Taylor


De la Ferme; or, Of the Farm, pt. 2 by Tom Gorst

III   Hamberie was rural farm in Calvados, northern France. The farm was bounded on one side by a small river and what looked like a retired railway crossing on the other which, if followed just four miles east, would take you to the little town of Falaise, home of William the Conqueror’s Château. The… Continue reading De la Ferme; or, Of the Farm, pt. 2 by Tom Gorst