3 Ways to Manage Multiple Narrators

A story told through the voices of various characters is a sure-fire way to capture different plots and different personalities in the same narrative, while engaging and exciting your readers. Here are the different ways that you can dance between the different voices in your narrative. Alternative Chapters You can switch between two (or more… Continue reading 3 Ways to Manage Multiple Narrators


Different Ways to Create Conflict

Conflict is necessary to give depth to your characters and obstacles for them to overcome in the plot. This ensures that your readers will stay excited through the whole narrative and take it on twists and turns that they won't expect or that challenge whether the story will go the way they think. There are… Continue reading Different Ways to Create Conflict


Where to find Creative Prompts

One of the biggest problems writers face is the curse of 'writer's block' or a lack of creative inspiration. Sometimes, finding prompts and motivation can seem like walking through a never-ending tunnel. Here are some places you can find creative prompts to keep the ideas flowing. Music Song lyrics can sometimes sound like poetry, and… Continue reading Where to find Creative Prompts


Meet the Founders – An Interview with Becca

When did you first start writing? I think I was always an imaginative child - I remember making a whole extended-family drama out of my toys way before the Kardashians were a thing! I remember writing stories and poems at primary school and I even got an award from the headteacher for one of my… Continue reading Meet the Founders – An Interview with Becca


What are Archetypes?

Applying and understanding character archetypes to your writing is an important part of creating a story and being a writer. This article will explain what archetypes are, what they mean to writers and some examples you can use in your own writing. An archetype is a typical example of something, be it a person, place… Continue reading What are Archetypes?


The Booker Prize Shortlist 2019

The Booker Prize is famous for showcasing excellent novels and sky-rocketing the careers of any authors listed. Celebrating fantastic novels published in the UK, this year's shortlist hosts a diverse and inclusive range of books, and one of which hasn't even be released! These are the most talked about books at the moment - will… Continue reading The Booker Prize Shortlist 2019