Meditative Thoughts by Rachael Holmes

Inhale the bitter cold, Burning my cheeks, Inflamed, blushing, In pulsing thought. Exhale warmth, Watch it dance in a mist, Before succumbing To the seductive breeze. A relaxing zephyr Becomes intrusive. Meditation demands The mutually exclusive: Reflect and dismiss the abyss. The mind settles, though actively seeks, To breathe memories, I refuse to release. This… Continue reading Meditative Thoughts by Rachael Holmes


Where to find Creative Prompts

One of the biggest problems writers face is the curse of 'writer's block' or a lack of creative inspiration. Sometimes, finding prompts and motivation can seem like walking through a never-ending tunnel. Here are some places you can find creative prompts to keep the ideas flowing. Music Song lyrics can sometimes sound like poetry, and… Continue reading Where to find Creative Prompts