Weekly Writing Prompt #20

'Promise' [Definition: To assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen.]   Every week, Forever Endeavour is here to give you a word, picture or song lyric to ignite your imagination and get you writing your next piece. Whether it propels you back to a vivid memory or sparks a… Continue reading Weekly Writing Prompt #20


Why I Studied a Creative Degree by Becca Harrington

I never found a passion for subjects like maths, science or geography at school, and had no drive to to study them or take them further down the line in education. I can even apply this to English to some extent, where I felt trapped merely studying the works of other writers. My passions have… Continue reading Why I Studied a Creative Degree by Becca Harrington


What is Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is an aspect of the writing industry that seems quite taboo to talk about. However, it is a legitimate career and a way to make money (and a LOT of it) as a freelance writer. If you’re interested in becoming a ghostwriter, or just want to understand what someone means when they say that… Continue reading What is Ghostwriting?


How to start your own Blog

Blogging has grown in popularity, with everyone jumping on the bandwagon of having a corner of the internet to write, rant or share your passion on a particular subject or theme. Anyone can start a blog, and here a some easy steps you can take to get your off the ground and running. 1. Content… Continue reading How to start your own Blog


4 Reasons to Take a Working Gap Year

When you hear the words ‘gap year’, the thought of backpacking across Thailand or scuba diving in South America might spring to mind. But, taking a break before starting University doesn’t always need to be filled with thrill-seeking adventures and can actually be a way to clear your head and prepare for the next step in… Continue reading 4 Reasons to Take a Working Gap Year