Beauty of a Goddess by Chiara Scaduto

Beauty of a goddess:
Silky, sunset golden hair
Smooth, porcelain skin
Rose petal flushed cheeks.
This you pursue.
This you chase.
Divine paradigm of beauty.

Aphrodite you seek to be,
Beautiful Goddess of Love.
Yet no love is there for
Me, the girl looking back
With celestial eyes,
When mirror in hand
Dissection begins,
Flaws, bumps, scars.
Self-destruction, no pity.

Tearing apart your body,
Skin and flesh,
Bones and sinews.
Internal wounds
No magnifying mirrors
Can see.

No Narcissus
In love with his reflection,
But us with reflections
A dot to dot of flaws,
Of darkness.

Inner workings of
A mind,
Broken, fragile,
Can still be fixed,
But give it time,
Time to heal.
Another scar will form.
Another to inspect
In that mirror of yours.


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