Kind Word by Chiara Scaduto | International Women’s Day Celebration

To the women in your life,

Those words you do not say,

Those ‘I love you’(s), and those hugs,

Kept hidden, closed away.


Let them loose,

Say them out loud;

Tell them how much

They make you proud.


Tell your mum that you’re grateful

For all that she has done,

That she, on your dark days,

Shines brighter than the sun.


Tell that girl you don’t know

That she’s beautiful and smart.

Show her there are people

Who care and have a heart.


A kind word to a stranger

is easy to bestow,

Speak out into the open,

Stand back and watch them glow.


Lift somebody’s heart,

One word is all it takes,

That’s where we should all start,

A better world it makes.


So, be kind, I urge you, please!

As one woman to another,

Just think if it were you,

Your sister or your mother.

Rough day, fed up or lonely,

Afraid, unloved or sad,

One word of simple kindness

Can change that, make you glad:

Glad to be a woman,

Glad to be alive.

If we can stand together,

Together we will thrive.


Let’s spread the word and love,

And have each other’s backs,

So even when we’re broken,

Kind words will fill the cracks.


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