Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke

A split second later, Paul not knowing where this sudden urge for commandership arose reached for John’s jacket attempting to retrieve his phone. John instinctively battered his arm away. Paul couldn’t help himself, like some sort of power surged through his body, an inner knowledge knowing he had to win this argument. He shoved John harder than intended and John reacted to the force, as opposed to the sincerity of his longest friend’s non-forceful intention. A fight broke out between the two. They jostled, one pulling on the other, until suddenly a shove that went too far. Paul’s eyes bulged out of their sockets as his head hits the corner of the table that sat just behind where he was standing. In front of him stood his CEO of a company he cherished dearly. John not knowing whether this felt real or not stood in shock and fear, unable to move but simply looked around at the happy guests enjoying their New Year’s Eve celebrations, unaware of the tragedy that had just occurred. Now, finally un-paralysed, John reached over to Paul and secretly dragged his body behind unaware to all the guests that stood in front or were either on the dance floor or at the bar. He walked him to his car and shoved him in the boot, the timing couldn’t be perfect. He went back to the party to enjoy the last few hours of what will set to be the year of all years. He knew he hadn’t processed what had just happened, and a part of him knew, he never would.

1 comment on “Life Can Change in a Second by Tamerice Luke

  1. Soyingbe Gandonu

    Brilliant read!


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